Mission Statement:

We sell funny-as-heck products to raise money for awareness and educational programs for testicular and prostate cancer.

Company Overview:

The purpose of Save Our Balls is to raise money for testicular and prostate cancer research and education. We do this through our exclusive line of products. A percentage of every product sold is donated to organizations that provide funding for education and alternative therapies.

How did we get here

In 2011, while doing research on cancer, I came across the story of a high school athlete who had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Like most young men, he was not taught about self exams and ignored some very clear messages from his body that something was wrong. Because the cancer was found late, after metastasizing throughout his body, he succumbed to the disease after fighting it for over two years. He was then 19. We women are lucky because of the breast cancer awareness movement. I then looked at my two young sons and realized that they, too, needed empowerment when it came to their health.

At this same time, my dad had been diagnosed with renal carcinoma. After he had a kidney removed, studies showed that the cancer had spread to his lungs: inoperable, incurable, stage four, and terminal. I was devastated. Unwilling to accept a prescription for chemotherapy, my dad ventured out to find alternate, homeopathic therapies to rid his body of the cancer. Retired and on a fixed income, he struggles to pay for the medication that is making him feel better and hopefully eradicating the cancer. It is my belief that those who want to try alternate therapies should not be held back because of cost.

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